When we at Arbicap do business, we believe in: Doing the right thing and doing it with integrity.


When we at Arbicap do business, we believe in: Doing the right thing and doing it with integrity.

We strive to act with integrity, honesty and mutual respect. Our company is based on these values and we continue to strive daily to live up to them. We do this not because this is easy, we do this because we believe it is the right thing to do. We operate within the boundaries of many different, and sometimes complex and demanding regulatory and legal systems. But whilst we conduct our business in different countries and cultures around the globe, these values of integrity, honesty and mutual respect are universal. Our Arbicap Principles on Ethics and Business Conducts represent the highest possible standard we have set for ourselves. We have chosen to act with universal moral values and principles concerning ethics and business conduct.

We all recognise that results are important, however, our Arbicap Principles, as established in this document and in our daily work, strengthen both our individual and collective understanding that the way we achieve results should never be in conflict with these principles. It is our ambition to maintain the highest ethical standards in all we do and to take full responsibility for our actions, both on a personal level and as an organisation. Whilst we fully respect the cultures in which we operate and recognise the cultural differences, the Arbicap Principles reflect the highest global standards to which we hold ourselves, and each other, accountable. Our work and our actions are essential to building trust in our culture and ethical standards. It is our shared responsibility to protect, nurture and sustain our principles as an integral part of our daily work.


At Arbicap we believe in the value of integrity, both of markets as well as its participants. Arbicap is therefore highly committed to conduct its business in full compliance with applicable regulation. As financial markets are tightly regulated environments, Arbicap responds to the challenge by well resourced compliance teams. Together with management and the business the Compliance function at Arbicap encourages and fosters a culture of integrity.

Compliance is mandated to help safeguarding compliant business conduct and to manage regulatory challenges. The compliance teams advise on regulatory developments and risks with respect to Arbicap's strategic objectives and ongoing business activities. As an independent control, Compliance also identifies, assesses, monitors and reports on all aspects of compliance risks and works with all areas of business and management to resolve regulatory issues. By establishing necessary policies and risk mitigating measures, the compliance function supports the management of compliance risks and to ensure compliance with internal policies and external legislation. As a further element of its mandate, Compliance also maintains the relationships with Arbicap’s regulators by pursuing an open and transparent dialogue.

Arbicap is a strong supporter of fair, transparent and efficient markets. To promote these goals we are pro-actively involved in discussions with regulators and law makers around the world and often respond to market consultations on new rules or regulations. If you want to learn more about our contributions to regulatory developments, have a look at Our views.